Raw Bites bag contain 15gm of protein which is equivalent to two whole eggs and a half or ¾ of a steak or ¾ of a chicken breast… would any of the mentioned food damage a healthy kidneys? Definitely no. Our protein puff is made of 100% natural ingredients just like tuna, eggs, steak… Having said that, in general excessive intake of protein is usually not recommended for patients with kidney problems. Any doctor would recommend their patients to avoid food with high protein level such as red meat… Therefore, our Raw Bites can be safely consumed for all people that are not suffering any kidney problems.
Since our product is made of milk, nuts, oil and salt only… we do not see any reason why it should be avoided. Unless the particular woman has any allergy to the above ingredients. Usually, pregnant woman would crave and eat more junk food than in normal days. We believe that our snack is still much healthier than almost all other snacks sold in the market today. It is worth to mention that in general pregnant women should include good protein sources at every meal to support the baby's growth.
Going back to basics; the recommended daily total protein intake from food as well as protein supplements are as per the following: Male Adult = 1.5 to 2gms for each 1kg of body weight; Female Adult = 1 to 1.5gms for each 1kg of body weight; Kinds = 1gm for each 1kg of body weight. As long as our Raw Bites is within the allowed total daily recommended intake then it is safe to be consumed. Therefore, since it is safe for kids to consume 15gm of proteins available in a couple of whole eggs or a couple of glasses of natural whole cow milk, then our Raw Bites are as safe.
In general there is not best time. We would like to recommend having Raw Bites treated as a “meal replacement” or “food supplement”. In other words, to be part of your daily protein required intake as recommended in the above answer. Therefore, it adds up to your other meals and snacks consumed during the day to reach your recommended target. In other words, it can be consumed whenever you are hungry and a decent whole-meal cannot be prepared, craving for a salty snacks, pre-work out, post work out, on the go…
It all depends on your daily calorie intake, burning & target. 204 calories per a Raw Bites bag should be more or less 10% of your allowed total calorie intake. Therefore, you still have a plenty of allowed to calories to consume from other foods during the day. Having said that, 204 calories of a tasty, healthy and nutritious snack (meal replacement) of Raw Bites is worth every single calorie.
Raw Bites is not considered to be Keto friendly, simply because it is produced from corn. At Raw Bites, we believe that a complete meal is a healthy meal, made from good fats, carbohydrates and proteins. Our bodies need all three types of food for healthy growth far from diseases and illnesses. With Keto Diet, you should be depriving your body from healthy carbohydrates that normally created by god and nature to give you energy and assist in protein (amino acid) synthesis in building muscles naturally. Therefore, by dropping carbohydrates intake to 50gm per day, you are somehow forcing your body to use your protein as energy instead of building muscles as well as you are forcing involuntary some organs in your digestive system to function in an unusual way. Another issue that we have with Keto Diet, those Dieters tend to eat excessive quantities of good and bad fats and this might have an adverse consequence on the overall health.
Raw Bites is considered Vegetarian-friendly indeed, since it is free from any kind of meats. Having said that, it is not vegan because it contains dairy Milk.
In general Raw Bites is safe to be consumed by diabetic people especially since it is un-fried and unbaked, the sunflower used is cold sprayed. Moreover, it is made with real corn, peanut, and milk protein which are all safe to be eaten by diabetic people in moderation. Furthermore, the added natural unprocessed sea salt is very limited and in very small quantity. We are confident that RB is one of the healthiest products available today in the market to be consumed by diabetic people. Having said that, we would like to recommend you to consult your health doctor before eating it.
Gyms, Supermarkets, Pharmacies, Nutritionists Clinique, Health Stores, Schools and Universities.
There is 15gms of protein in each bag, which is equivalent to two and half whole eggs or ¾ of a beef steak or ¾ of a chicken breast or a small ¾ a tuna can or two and a half cups of natural milk or 200gms of cooked beans or 1 plate of hummus or 150gms of cooked lentils or two cups of soya milk.
The bulk portion of the net protein is coming from the Milk protein as Whey, which represents about 70%. The remaining is from peanut and corn.
Our product is considered a non-Genetically Modified organism since all of our suppliers and sources of raw material are very particular about this point. We make sure that they are all coming from natural plant and growing and fed.
This is a proof that our RB is free from all kinds of preservatives, additives and artificial / natural flavoring. Since we only use real natural food only, the taste of peanut might vary slightly from one batch to another. The nature of peanut might be a bit salty, bitter or sweet and this would have an impact on the overall taste of the puffs. Having said that, we assure you that our quality control work relentlessly to choose the best and tastiest peanut available in the global market to maintain quality, freshness and keep our puffs as delicious as possible.
Since our product is made with 100% natural ingredients and it is free from any preservatives and additives, it is strictly recommended to keep it away from direct sun light and it should be kept in a cool and dry place at all time.
We use Whey protein concentrate which is considered to be the least processed kinds of dairy proteins. It is completely safe since it is only the b product of natural milk during cheese production. It is imported from America and approved by the US department of Agriculture.
Raw Bites is a SALTY protein supplement snack alternative to the SUGARY protein bar. Raw Bites provides you more or less the same amount of protein as any imported protein bar but we believe that our RB are much healthier simply because it is produced from 100% natural ingredients. In case you restrictions to consume sugary food, RB is your ideal salty choice.
Good fat is HDL and Bad Fat is LDL. We should consume more of the good ones to reduce cardio vascular diseases. Our RB is loaded with good fat since it contains natural peanut and natural cold sprayed (uncooked) sunflower oil.
Our RB’s puffs are unbaked and un-fried. Simply the corn we use is transformed into puffs by using an air popped machine that blows high temperature air to the corn and this is the healthiest way to maintain the natural form of the corn without adding any oil and would be keeping all the nutritious values of the corn itself.
In case you are working out before Iftar, you may have RB first thing for Iftar because it is loaded with protein, good carbs and fats. Or you may as well take it as a snack between Iftar and Sohour or it may be taken as a sohour before going to bed. It should be considered as a part of your protein quantity that must to be taken during Ramadan to avoid losing muscles.
Make sure to include sea salt in your daily diet - in moderation - especially if you're active and athletic! “Potassium” is essential for helping the muscles to function properly. Sea salt not only contains small amounts of potassium, but it also helps the body to absorb it better from other foods. Thus it is effective in helping to prevent muscle pains, spasms and cramps. Sea salt is considered to be as one of the safest and most natural source as well as least processed form of salt on our planet. It is simply derived from sea just by evaporating the sea water.
Since one of the ingredients available in RB is a “milk protein powder”, it is very common to give this chewy feeling just like any other protein supplement available in the market today.
As mentioned above, we would recommend to go with the weight of the person rather than age, simply because the “American recommended daily allowance” of protein for kids is 1gm for every 1kg of body weight. Therefore, kids above 8 years old are usually in the 25kgs weight range. Therefore, they can still safely consume a half bag of Raw Bites and still can eat other food rich with protein during the day.
Simply because our product is free from any animal meat by-product.
Since our puffs are air popped, un-fried and unbaked. In the flavoring stage, our crushed peanuts, sea salt and milk protein powder are all mixed together with cold sprayed sunflower oil to have more stuck on the puffs.